my Scaler displays a lot of noise. Given Solution is in the Thread: Read More CMVS1: CMVS2:     <miisalo> B <miisalo> 1B <miisalo> 1FZ and 1A are too big <miisalo> And even 1B is a helluva job to fit in with all the wires and stuff <miisalo> <Lachlan> ill vouch for the jnx guide, helped me a ton for my 1FS <miisalo> Neogeo ...Read More

    Such a gem! boring gem. Read More

  Final Fight was everywhere. It was a game that was so easily recognizeable, it was unreal: The fighting stances, the huge character-sprites, the easy to understand gameplay, the bold colors. Though, it is not a very fascinating game. After 30 seconds ...Read More

Image is washed out and gray on the blast - This will need some fix. I suspected video ground, but It may be the missing -5V.     <ninn> Oliveira, can I feed -5V from a second psu to a game that is powered ...Read More

Stub Great game for us. We found, that some charcaters are stronger than others. It is not as balanced as other SF2 games, but - hey - all SF2 games in one! We had great fun blasting thru the characters, and finally can ...Read More

[02:03] <Oliveira> neogeo use a 16 bit rom as boot memory [02:03] <Oliveira> the correct part is 27C1024 [02:03] <Oliveira> (40 pins) [02:03] <Oliveira> 120ns [02:04] <Oliveira> or faster Read More

I've always been interested in Deathsmiles, but somehow there was always a more important games to get, so it became a lower priority over time. But when the time would was right, I wanted one. And time was right the ...Read More

  Just got this in.   I am a Cave whore. Read More

I got a pirated copy of that game for the ps2, and played it several times. My girl liked it, somehow: She spammed coins till we managed to finish the first loop, happily. After beating first loop, the whole game became ...Read More