Apparently, over at HongKong, there surfaced about 140 Kits of the - till now - superrare "International Version" Of Mushihimesama Futari Black Label. Also known as "Another version". Also Known as "Shitty Version". Why? Because old stock was sold off, and nobody cared ...Read More

    Such a gem! boring gem. Read More

  Final Fight was everywhere. It was a game that was so easily recognizeable, it was unreal: The fighting stances, the huge character-sprites, the easy to understand gameplay, the bold colors. Though, it is not a very fascinating game. After 30 seconds ...Read More

This game looks tame on first glance, but it is not. It is one of the fastest stgs I own. The screen fills with aimed bullets. Read More

Stub Great game for us. We found, that some charcaters are stronger than others. It is not as balanced as other SF2 games, but - hey - all SF2 games in one! We had great fun blasting thru the characters, and finally can ...Read More

I've always been interested in Deathsmiles, but somehow there was always a more important games to get, so it became a lower priority over time. But when the time would was right, I wanted one. And time was right the ...Read More

Version B, Still in Transit. Read More

  Just got this in.   I am a Cave whore. Read More

I got a pirated copy of that game for the ps2, and played it several times. My girl liked it, somehow: She spammed coins till we managed to finish the first loop, happily. After beating first loop, the whole game became ...Read More

I got a version of ths game for Xbox 360, but I never actually played it. Same goes for the pcb: I got it, just checked it running. Thats my experience with Daifukkatsu so far. Can not coment on this one ...Read More