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Even it is not as good as Mushihmesama Original, it still has to be an excellent game.

First Impressions:


First impressions of the game were mixed: The graphics look a lot more neon, compared to the brown-earthy color scheme of the Original – which should be a good thing,makes it more arcady looking. The bullets really pop in your face. I was instantly aware, that the slowdown is a lot more pronounced with this one – I would even go so far and call it „stutter“. I was kinda shocked when I saw it. It is not that much of a problem, once you play it for yourself … but looking at it from third person really let you see that the bullets traveling not smoothly.

Second Impressions

Some days later, the stutter is still distracting me. It is very visible when switching from Recco’s A to C-shot, especially fully powered up.

Talking about scoring: I think the idea of blue and green counters is nice, but not well enough implemented. It is hard to distinguish what shot you should use, and the trail that gives you a color indication is just as a hard to see – just like the counter.

Talking about difficulty: It is not that hard. You can a lot more tap-dodge than in the Original, which is kinda odd.

But you feel, that it did not got the same love as Sama Original. Everything is still very-very nice, but .. it feels a bit less loveless.


Played it a few more times now. I can not say that I am really that impressed, but it feels like a mushihimesama to me. I have not settled to a character now, but I love their different playing styles. Abnormal playstyle needs times to get used to, but well worth it. Level 5 is quite impressive, level 2 and 3 feel very bland.

I wish I could switch between this and the Original Sama easier. maybe it is worth investing in a switcher.