I made Music. And some remixes. But mainly music. I am proud, can't stop listening. and, i even got a positive mention, what a nice music, without mentioning itsa my music. https://gistpages.com/posts/ruby_arrays_insert_append_length_index_remove https://learnxinyminutes.com/docs/de-de/ruby-de/ https://www.raspberrypi.org/magpi-issues/Essentials_Sonic_Pi-v1.pdf https://www.raspberrypi.org/magpi/sonic-pi-additive-synthesis/ Read More

Can't post everything here. No idea how to solve that.   Started SonicPi. Itse nice. Needs more midi. Or knobs. Or Pure Data.   And, .... so on- Read More

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QB288 V1 (288 diodes) - uses 120-135W Flux Characteristics with QB 288 V1 3000K, S6 Bin at 55C  VDC Current (mA) Watts at Board  Lm/W at Board (55C) μmoles/joule at Board (55C) 47.23 500 23.67 195.5 2.90 48.96 1050 51.40 183.6 2.73 49.68 1400 69.52 177.6 2.64 51.12 2100 107.35 167.3 2.48 51.66 2400 123.98 163.6 2.43 52.20 2800 146.16 158.8 2.36 Allow tolerance of an additional 1V while matching drivers.   QB128 - 128 diodes Quick Details Light ...Read More

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Surface Primer light grey Burnt Umber with some yellow. Still very dark brown. .078 or . 002 mid yellow for 45° yriel premixed for top colors blocked out with anthrazit / german grey   Red gel color works great on yellow base. Zandri Dust / Usabti Bone is ...Read More

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