Weak zenithal highlighting. Working good in dark rooms, but pretty light on the bottom on the shots. The photos dont do the colors justice,  they are are quite a bit darker on the bottom irl.   Scout Snipers with Camo Cloaks - Burned Umber ...Read More

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Some flesh left, wrong SiliconII Type - but nevertheless nice results!     The replacement Mantisaur-Leg turned out nice too! Still needs primer, but good start!  Read More

Paintmixes for Helmets: Screaming-Skull with white mixes. Fixups with VGC Silverwhite Weapons: Antrazit VMA, Khorne-Red, dry leadbelcher, dry baltasar, dry screaming skull (?) Eagle: Mephiston red, dragon orange Terminatus: Russ grey, drybrush administratum grey, dry screaming skull IF-Insignia: Screaming Skull ...Read More

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Space Marines: STERNHAMMER STRIKE FORCE (AOD): START - 1840 Punkte : Battle Demi-Company - 525 Punkte *************** 1 HQ *************** Captain, Terminatorrüstung - - - > 120 Punkte *************** 3 Standard *************** Tactical Squad 5 Space Marines + Upgrade zum Sergeant, Boltpistole, Bolter -> 0 Pkt. - - - ...Read More

The Dreadnoughts were primed in black, and then base-coated in VMA burnt umber. I wanted to try out zenithal hightlights in color. First hightlight layer was  GW Averland / .078 Second hightlight layer was  yriel The one with averland looked better. ...Read More

They look quite sick. Added Imperial-Fist Insignia and 3 Green-Stuff-Flags. Short on three Bolter-Terminators to make 3 full equipped squads. I wanted to try paint mixed in with the primer. But a) color turned very light and bright, not useable for ...Read More

... 20 miniatures based. It sucks, because it takes far too long.   Remove miniature or modify  current base cut sheet to put mini's feet on, so it does not drown in base glue on new base superglue a stone vallejo ...Read More

This is how I got them, painted 2nd edition Terminators:   They are all stripped now, and freshly re-glued now. 2 Squads are already based on new 40mm bases, with dirt added.             Read More