Home Studio built. Acquired about 20 Synthesizers, from Pocket-Operators to analog Brutes. Not sure when it started, but there were at least several Pocket Operators and Monotrons before Christmas 2019. Several new stands. Had a blast finding the ...Read More

Dove into MIDI. Built Midi Sequencer. Built Midi Sequencer Controller. Shared source. Bought Hardware Synthesizer. Bought Second, third, ....  more Hardware Synthesizer. Mixing sources Repaired 4 Track cassette player Bought and Repaired Keytar Read More

repaired. log? just unscrew, 7x3x2x times, then clean and change belt. working and recording on third track now. 4th track working too. yes. happy. Read More

Nur, dass ich es nicht vergesse: Mixer einstellenjammenmicrokorg / monologuepocket operatorspedaleEQAufnahmeMidi Verbindungenchiptunesdrones Read More

ok, nur,damit ich nicht mehr kaufe als nötig. Mai: Pocket Operators. Create beat, connect to Monotron. Put into mixer, do a track. Dont buy anything till you got that done. Do not buy eurorack. or at least nothing crappy. Read More

kniknoo Patreon Oct '17 I honestly wasn’t 100% sure control would work that way. :smiley: Yeah, filters are great! A quick rundown: You have a hpf, lpf, and bpf. hpf is a high pass filter, it will remove frequencies below the cutoff while keeping frequencies above. lpf ...Read More

I made Music. And some remixes. But mainly music. I am proud, can't stop listening. and, i even got a positive mention, what a nice music, without mentioning itsa my music. https://gistpages.com/posts/ruby_arrays_insert_append_length_index_remove https://learnxinyminutes.com/docs/de-de/ruby-de/ https://www.raspberrypi.org/magpi-issues/Essentials_Sonic_Pi-v1.pdf https://www.raspberrypi.org/magpi/sonic-pi-additive-synthesis/ Read More

Can't post everything here. No idea how to solve that.   Started SonicPi. Itse nice. Needs more midi. Or knobs. Or Pure Data.   And, .... so on- Read More

Battle demi company:   1 Captain or Chaplain (multiple ICs can replace the Captain, even the Chaplain). 0-1 Command Squads. 3 Tactical Squads. 1 of the following: Assault Squad, Bike Squad, Attack Bike Squad, Land Speeder Squadron, or Centurion Assault Squad. ...Read More

As long as I can remember, there are a set of "rules" we learn since we all were little kids. Gathering info around me, I can resume them as the list below => French diet: The Meal template includes two servings ...Read More