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Home Studio built. Acquired about 20 Synthesizers, from Pocket-Operators to analog Brutes. Not sure when it started, but there were at least several Pocket Operators and Monotrons before Christmas 2019. Several new stands.

Had a blast finding the right mixer. In the End, I got 3 branded ones, and you hear they were expensive once. Most of the (sonic) work is flavoured by the mixers, and it was hard work to find the problems and then solve them (by throwing more money at it).

Streaming Studio built. Prepared OpenBroadcast Studio to stream Music, Live-Video and Text to youtube and soundclund, cutting it up and tagging it. Available on my channels -> (nice url) and (better url, my robot name)

Recorded several Multitrack to 4-track-cassette, repaired two 3-head tape-decks. The repair of the Reel2Reel was postproned, needs a closer look at the motors of the reels, because its rotation is wrong somehow.

Got a VHS-recorder gifted. Repaired 2 other VHS-recorders, and bought around 200 vhs tapes. Recorded 50 of them with gameplay footage, saved 24h live Wien 2.11. , and transfered several kids programs and pornos to vhs. Future and current use: Visuals.

Created two Raspberry Pi 4 desktop units with screens, keyboards and ssd. They are working great, Pi4 is one awesome device.

Programmed an universal CC translator from the MS20 midi Controller to the Microkorg from a Teensy 3.6, – same-same but different for the Behringer Rotary-controller to the Megadrive.

Got two of my Commodore 64 repaired after 10 years, got it working with MIDI and a Raspberry Pi Zero as a Tape Drive.

Connected two Gameboys to MIDI, and I am now able control them both with my Playstation and/or Wii Keytars.

Juiynator 2000 worked twice like a mad beast, and the tent in the bedroom is beautiful to just look at. There was a pest at the tent in the bedroom, but apparently this happens during summer – already happened twice.

Grew Peppers in the bedroom, and some microgreens in the kitchen. The salad did not get enough light this year, and my lamp contraption was beyond repair.

Started collaboration with the doom composer guy, and got in contact with Bisqwit again. Makes me happy, but still needs lot of work.

Got a broken GPI case repaired, and got several spares of them as christmas presents. Got the Pi1 working with the gifted touchscreen, prepared several Retropies for Finn and myself, and got myself a VR-Headset, that is (now) powered by a Raspberry 3. Its 4k, and therefore the highest resolution Display at home, by a large margin. Lots of sd cards burned and tested.

Repaired the Tapir NAS, still – timemachine was disabled from there – because in 5 years, I never actually looked at these backups.

Established permanent outpost in Jitsi and discord, been there ever since – if you want to reach me, use this.

Brought stuff to Bad Ischl, twice.