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I used to try it on a my PS2, but no deep gameplay except some coinfeeding with that one. Though, I loved its style and paceing. I was after the PS2 deluxe edition for a long time, but was was not willing to shell out 120 Euro for that one. [It came down in price just recently]

Instead of the PS2 version, I went for the PCB. I bought this as my christmasgift to myself in 2012. It came from the US, and it was not exactly cheap, especially with customs. Had to had the art with it too, so system11 sold that one too. I was now the owner of a frankenkit.

After the pcb was installed in the cab, this game became a favourite of ours quite fast: Beautiful sprites and backgrounds, lovely music, fast gameplay and great feeling overall. It is cute, but not a cute-em-up.

The only downside, that I can think of, is the lack of gamemodes or options. If you know how to play, you play it that way all the time. Not talking about the difficulty levels – those are a completely different story – but there are just two types of options, and 3 types of shoots. It is ok, but it is missing variation.

Another thing I did not like that much, was at a 2-player-game, the second player could snatch up the first players powerups, leaving the first player without powerups. Or, even worse: While inserting coins, all the powerups fall through the bottom of the screen, never to be seen again. But this adds to the coop-aspects too Рand I handled like that in a lot of other games. A minor complain, because this game is working very well for 2-player, since the lasers are easy to distinguish.





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