I’ve always been interested in Deathsmiles, but somehow there was always a more important games to get, so it became a lower priority over time. But when the time would was right, I wanted one. And time was right the last weekend, – I ¬†found an absolutely fresh Mega Black label Kit at a forbidden price tag. I could not resist in snagging it up, I got lucky.

Deathsmiles is a pretty unique game. I have no idea what it is about, but I guess item collecting and scoring. The vanilla version wasn’t that hard. In the beginning. But it looked so horrible on the 360 and a flatscreen, that we did not sink more time into it. 10 minutes at least. But I know, that i liked the game, but was too afraid to admit it. So I had to gift it away.

It was pretty clear for me to get the arcade pcb. It was just a question of time and money.