I got a pirated copy of that game for the ps2, and played it several times.

My girl liked it, somehow: She spammed coins till we managed to finish the first loop, happily. After beating first loop, the whole game became uninteresting within seconds, never to be talked about again.   I – on the other hand – got some memories of playing level 1 and 2 over and over gain, dodging pink bullets. It was addicting, especially the first big defense tower in L1 or the street of massive chains, at the end of L2.

But it kinda looks bland. And the music is overpowering the samples.

Some enemy ships look too small. they are really big, but not flashy, fleshy. the look small. Compare that to garegga, where everything looks so detailed.


My girl gave it another try just the other day: She was very involved, played Stage 1 and 2 very well, but had trouble starting from level 3 on. She liked Stage 4 too, which is understandable – music is great, gameplay and pacing is great in there. And it looks a lot like Ikaruga Stage 2. Generally speaking, she was very dedicated. She told me again, that it is a great game. The next day, she wanted to play it again, 3 credits to level 3, restart, 2 credits to level 3. Awesome game to watch her playing.

Bullets become mesmerizing at level 3, and the pace changes at level 4 to something else, a little frantic or strategic.

Absolutely great game so far, but can not beat Garegga.