Apparently, over at HongKong, there surfaced about 140 Kits of the – till now – superrare „International Version“ Of Mushihimesama Futari Black Label. Also known as „Another version“. Also Known as „Shitty Version“.


Because old stock was sold off, and nobody cared about Cave back then.

Why is is called Shitty version?

Apparently, Original- and maniac-Mode were nerfed. Bosses got less dense pattern and die a lot quicker, even to the point of not beeing able to start phase 2 or 3 before dying.

Did I bought it?

Sure! At half the price of the the japanese Version, that was never for sale in a retail channel, this is a amazing bargain, – and God-Mode hasn’t been touched and is identical to the Japanese Version.

140 Kits is quite a lot. That is a multiple of the known boards.


How does it play?

Like 1.5. Nuff said.