Some flesh left, wrong SiliconII Type - but nevertheless nice results!     The replacement Mantisaur-Leg turned out nice too! Still needs primer, but good start!  Read More

New project: Tidy up that Hunk of Junk.   Read More

Iron Firsts Scrimshaws! Squad markings in the color that stands out: BLACK, FFD801 rubber ducky yellow, 0028FF violett blau Glow blue eyes 1st- (Veterans) White 2nd- (Battle) Yellow/Gold 3rd- (Battle) Red 4th- (Battle) Green 5th- (Battle) Black 6th- (Reserve - Tactical/Bike) Orange 7th- (Reserve - Tactical/Land Speeder) Purple 8th- (Reserve - Assault) Gray 9th- (Reserve ...Read More

Metal gear motors: 75rpm diameter wheels: 3cm. 9cm per single rotation. 6 meters per minute.   Read More

List disks: wmic diskdrive list brief Create v-hdd: VBoxManage internalcommands createrawvmdk -filename "%Bla%/sdcard.vmdk" -rawdisk "\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE1"   Read More

Documentary On Github:     Read More

INL TK Rom   Add your own PRG-ROM & CHR-ROM EPROMs, select WRAM/battery options.    This option doesn't have CHR-RAM, if desired add the option further down the page.  All boards are compatible with up to 512KB PRG-ROM and 256KB CHR-ROM.   Castlevania II ...Read More   the light is hard in one direction, soft in the other If orientated vertically the rim light on the subject is long but yet still hard. Read More

BBB   Networking:   capes on BBB:   Mamebone: Read More

my Scaler displays a lot of noise. Given Solution is in the Thread: Read More