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Some flesh left, wrong SiliconII Type - but nevertheless nice results!     The replacement Mantisaur-Leg turned out nice too! Still needs primer, but good start!  Read More

They look quite sick. Added Imperial-Fist Insignia and 3 Green-Stuff-Flags. Short on three Bolter-Terminators to make 3 full equipped squads. I wanted to try paint mixed in with the primer. But a) color turned very light and bright, not useable for ...Read More

Gladius / Sternhammer Strike Force. On Battlemat.               Landraider Spearhead WIP               First Company Task Force WIP             Battle Demi Company Read More

Yesterday, I stripped 2 land raiders. Brennspiritus. One worked like a charm, paint came off easily. The second one was more trouble: apparently, it was not acrylic paint, but something else... i guess laquer spray.   Nevermind, after some hours, i got ...Read More

7 bolter, flamer, missile. Trimming and cleaning (day 0) pinning and custom shoulder pads (day 1) priming, averland spray, reikland flesh (day 2) cleanup with averland + brown. two layers of yriel (day 3) 2 layers of flash gitz (day 4) dark- and lightgray details, logos, ...Read More

New project: Tidy up that Hunk of Junk.   Read More

Wackeliger Tri-Klops-Sensor eingekerbt, und den Kopf mit Greenstuff gepolstert. Zusätzlich einen Hügel am Hinterkopf eignebaut. Effekt: Visor sitzt viel besser, und er rastet ein. Sehr fein! Read More

Snout Spout war der Fuß gebrochen. Repariert mit einem Metalstift, einem Dremel und einem Arcadeplatinen-Widerhaken. Größte Sorge war, dass der Superkleber eine Achse des Beins verklebt. Bein nun wieder so gut wie neu, Reperatur war dank Planung und vielen Prototypen ...Read More

my Scaler displays a lot of noise. Given Solution is in the Thread: Read More

Image is washed out and gray on the blast - This will need some fix. I suspected video ground, but It may be the missing -5V.     <ninn> Oliveira, can I feed -5V from a second psu to a game that is powered ...Read More