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Solipsism Personified

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First analysis.


White Seamless. 150 F2.8 is a Sonnar F lens, so it will not work with a 500 series hasselblad, a 2000 must has been used. Plus-X is discontinued ISO 125 film. You can see the Hasselblad Vs‘ shape, so it is film for sure. Apperature has to be at least 16, probably 22 or even more: I can not see anything out of focus.


Guess it was a similar Setup to this shot:

May Company - Downtown Studio

At 5 meter, this lens gives a depth of Field of 1,5 Meter at f16, and 2,3m at f22.

Main light left 45 up 45 from the model. nearing 90°. Soft light. But too far away, since there is shadow on the nose. I suspect an umgrella or a softbox too far away. No kicker light from above or behind.


I like how you see the shades of the windows.