Contact Sheet:   © matthew avignone 2011   LIGHT-Anlysis:   this is just a guess: neutral grey background.   Lights: Super-Soft light. Very high contrast. Looks like the  key light is at the top, Like a big umbrella above. an umbrella on a boom. shadows below head and cheeks. I see that the left ...Read More Peter Duke Angela Harry Solipsism Personified  Original Size Similar picture:   Given Tags, non-technical removed: B&W Hasselblad Plus-x 120 150mm/f2.8 sonnar 6x6   First analysis.   White Seamless. 150 F2.8 is a Sonnar F lens, so it will not work with a 500 series hasselblad, a 2000 must has been used. Plus-X is discontinued ISO 125 film. ...Read More