I loved to play Double Dragon 2 on the NES as a kid. It was so well made and a blast to play coop with my brother. It was a no-brainer to get that PCB.

On first sight, it looks and feels just like to first Double Dragon, and to be fair – it is not that much different to the first part in the series. The stage layouts, the enemies and attacks are pretty much the same. Except for a change on the control scheme it feels more like a slight enhancement than a full blown sequel. The major difference seems to be that the girl gets shot in the beginning.

Gameplay is exactly the same, with some new attacks, including the hurrican kick. The enemies have just some few new tricks too. There are new bosses, but they are very uninspiring.

The graphics in this one are a bit more colorfull, but I liked the moody look of the Original. This one looks cleaner for sure, but this is just  minor difference and does not change gameplay at all.

The first game got serious slowdown, and this one is no exception. It is so bad, that I wonder why they even released it in that state. I get the feeling that this is exactly the same source, with just more tricks added to it, so it crawls even worse.

If I had to choose between this and the Original Double Dragon, I’d choose the Original in a second – the girl is still alive and there is an epic battle between the two brothers in the end. This game can not top it, and it looks like it did not even tried to top it.

If I had to play Double Dragon 2, I’d choose the NES Game – it is a port, and by far better than the arcade version. I recently played it again, and it is still a blast.