Paintmixes for

  • Helmets: Screaming-Skull with white mixes. Fixups with VGC Silverwhite
  • Weapons: Antrazit VMA, Khorne-Red, dry leadbelcher, dry baltasar, dry screaming skull (?)
  • Eagle: Mephiston red, dragon orange
  • Terminatus: Russ grey, drybrush administratum grey, dry screaming skull
  • IF-Insignia: Screaming Skull
  • Metals – not basecoated: Leadbelcher (okish, but thick as mud), Baltasar (supershit), hazelnut & copper: thin as fuck. VMA Boltgunmetal: Nice, thin.

Pre-Wash: 2 layers of Premium Gloss Varnish made them shiny. Looking cool!