Ok, I mad a fubar this weekend.

First serious shoot, and then something like that.




Lessons learned:


* watch the Sun. On the negatives, we clearly see the sun change, bright spots were missing in the later shots. In the first shots, the light is kinda ok, but the later it got, but some minutes later those a vanished. I think sun has changed, or there was a cloud. Light changed for sure, and we did not meter twice. So: meter regularly.

* never use Film you have no experience with. I wanted to try my new (exposed) bulk of film. Was no good idea.  had no idea which ISO to shoot with. It stated 400, we used it at 400. It is underexposed now.

* Development-Times unknown. Related to the prior point: New film, no idea how long to develop it. We went with 13 minutes. I guess development was ok, maaybe a little overdeveloped.


next time:

Rate at 200 iso, develop for 10 minutes instead of 13. Bracket shots.