Removed System Austria Rape-Harness.


Got it a lot cleaner than the pins on Double Dragon, used additional desoldering-braid.

Board looks clean. There seem to be a lot of missing components, but judging from pics on the net, these boards seems to work fine without those.

I am missing a Jamma-Jack, so ordered Capcom-Classic to Jamma adapter.


Jamma Adapter just came in. Game boots, got sound. everything works! Except some sprite-glichtes. Need to reseat roms. Too bad the game consits of 25 32kbit-roms. 25 …



I am asking tilemolester for help.

100_5433  100_5432

I was not able to locate the right rom, but I was able to exclude about the half, which is either code or background.


After reseating the Roms twice, everything started working as expected!