Iron Firsts


Squad markings in the color that stands out: BLACK,

FFD801 rubber ducky yellow, 0028FF violett blau

Glow blue eyes
1st- (Veterans) White
2nd- (Battle) Yellow/Gold
3rd- (Battle) Red
4th- (Battle) Green
5th- (Battle) Black
6th- (Reserve – Tactical/Bike) Orange
7th- (Reserve – Tactical/Land Speeder) Purple
8th- (Reserve – Assault) Gray
9th- (Reserve – Devastator) Blue
10th- (Scout) None



So Lysander probably needs a squad of Assault Terminators with him, and you will want two Tactical Squads


Never use heavy bolters. even with IF chapter tactics.

devastators want missile launchers, or possibly lascannons.


I would never use the melee variant of the centurions, they are way better with ranged weapons


The backbone of your army is always going to be Tacticals




I am a huge Fists fanboy. I’ve played Fists and their successors since 4th.

1) Tacticals. You’ll live and die by the bolter, so bring a lot of ‚em. You re-roll all 1s on to-hit, which is awesome when you consider that mathematically. Sure, the regular bolter isn’t going to take down the big stuff, but they’ll shred any regular troops, and the weight of fire from enough tacticals will be enough to kill heavier troops as well. Don’t forget to mount your tacs in a metal box for maximum mobility.

2) Devs. Your devestators get tank hunter for free. Always bring 7-8 man dev squads. This will effectively give your heavy weapons 2 wounds, which is absolutely needed. And plan on bringing two dev squads to anything above 1k points. And now with fortifications being what they are, the extra damage to fortifications is pretty decent too. Also, you can swap your Devs for Centurions if you prefer, IMO this is dealer’s choice.

3) Lysander. Dude is a fucking MONSTER on the table. WS6 S4 W4 with Eternal warrior & Iron Resolve, combined with a S10 master-crafted Thammer+SS makes him a mini-deathstar all of his own. My absolute favorite way to run him is with 5 other TH+SS termies in a Stormraven, with an Assault cannon/power-fist Dread in the grapples.

4) fluff NEVER GIVE UP. Don’t admit defeat, don’t concede a game. Stick it out to the bitter end, even if it means you get tabled. You dig in, you fight, and, if necessary, you die to the last man.

For Dorn, my brother!



Well, main thing is don’t split your Devs, make 1 unit full lascannon and the other full ML/PC, they will become much more effectice in their roles.



Some advice I can give as a heretic:

  • don’t mix weapons in your heavy weapon teams. If you want Las and ML, make one team Las, one ML.
  • Marines are a little expensive for static gun line as you noted because you don’t get as high a shots/point ratio as with IG/AM
  • Why take vets if you don’t give them special weapons? Give them some (Combi-)Meltas and put them in a drop pod or don’t take them at all.
  • single Land Speeder is pretty meh. Your opponent will be happy that their anti-vehicle weapons get something to shoot at
  • your army would need to footslog a lot because most armies could simply out-range them. Put them in Pods or Rhinos.
  • your heavy weapons might like an Aegis Defense Line
  • You might be a little heavy on 3+ saves. It’s generally nice to pick one thing and throw as much of that thing at the opponent as possible but eh, I wouldn’t use that many MEQs




For a fluffy list I like some specific units that are very imperial fisty:

  • Centurions of both types really spark that flavor
  • Thunderfire cannons is really a perfect siege weapon in function and appearance.
  • Vindicators aswell have a sick cannon with a lot of siege punch.
  • Terminators (assault & ranged) both have the Imperial Fist attitude & the visual effect we’re looking for.
  • Sternguard have cool bolters and well – bolters are the fists specialty.
  • Devastator squads gets tank hunter.. Let’s use that!
  • Lysander is just… wow… Icing on the cake!

As a side note – look at formations (google wh40k formation compendium) and look through all formations on space marines. Look for ones that include your favorites for some extra fighting prowess! 🙂 the formations ocasionally have a kit on gw to save a bit.


If you’re looking for a cheap way to get into imperial fists, get scouts as troop choices. They’re cheap price wise and point wise, and will get the job done. Put teleport homers on the sergeant and deep strike terminators next to him for bonus points. If you do this, you can max out your heavy supports or elite slots where the bulk of your points should go.



Looking for feedback on my Imperial Fists list. from Warhammer40k