• Game is not JAMMA, but something else … got some very wierd cabling to the Jamma-board: The main colors com from a Molex-Connector on the back of the pcb.
  • Game booting in full color and sound.
  • Everything seems ok, till you start a game: Background scrambled and sprites missing. Unplayable.100_5781
  • Makes me angry, as it was sold as „working“
  • Quick inspection revealed a missing X-Tal.
  • Found a broken trace near the broadband-connectors. It is cleary broken. Since I don’t know where it leads [it vanishes under the connector, running into the second connector] I can not repair it the usual way. Thinkinga about just attaching a small piece of copper wire on the broken part. Never done this before, sounds like mess. But I got flux, the small tools and the wire.100_5786