Renee (2011)


Contact Sheet:

Renee Test Contact


© matthew avignone 2011




this is just a guess:

neutral grey background.



Super-Soft light.

Very high contrast.

Looks like the  key light is at the top, Like a big umbrella above. an umbrella on a boom.

shadows below head and cheeks. I see that the left side is lit better than the right.

Maybe the big umbrella is a bit left.

Hair is highlighted from the same source.

Cant see her eyes to read the specular highlights. Just on one or two images on the low-res-contact sheet: Indeed, looks like one big light source of light  from above. No reflections of a reflector visible, but I am pretty sure one was used.: Reflector from bottom to fill in the shadows.

very simple setup.


Girl wears makeup, dark eyes.