The start of my Imperial Fists, C&C please from Warhammer40k


Hey dude, i’ve found an easy enough step by step way of doing it

  1. Base coat with Chaos black
  2. Base yellow with Averland sunset (2-3 thin layers)
  3. Wash with Reikland Fleshshade
  4. Drybrush with Yriel Yellow
  5. Fine detail wash with Reikland fleshade in gaps and around raised areas.

Just finished my first marine for my imperial fists army, c+c welcomed from Warhammer40k


thanks, thin spray of corax white, 2 very thin watered down yriel yellow layers, seraphim sepia wash but avoid the light areas, just wash like 30-40% of the yellow (wherever there is shadow pretty much), then another was with aggrax earthshade, even less this time (maybe 10-20% of the yellow, wherever you want it to be darker) then a final highlight of flash gitz yellow + ceramite white (3/2 ratio ish, abit more yellow than white)

edit* the yellow will look really weak after applying the yriel yellow but dont worry about it, just make sure its not thick anywhere. after the washes + highlights the yellow will look solid


BAC Imperial Fist WIP, suggestions? from Warhammer40k


Nothing out of the ordinary! Just primed white, then a double hit of averland, agrax, averland, yriel. I’ve since done some flash gitz at the highest points but honestly I’ve never been big on thick hilights.



I love Imperial Fists but hate painting yellow. So I tried yellow glaze over white primer. C&C welcome! from Warhammer40k


Actually I did them inbetween two glazes. So first glaze –> Edge Highlights in pure white –> Second glaze

Averland Sunset as a base, then a thinned shade of Agrax Earthshade, then Averland Sunset, then relayer with a mix of Averland Sunset/Yriel Yellow and highlight Dorn Yellow.
Yellow Paint Scheme (2014):
White undercoat
Shade Casandora yellow
Layer Yriel yellow
Edge Flash Gitz yellow
Lamenters yellow glaze
Skull white edge high light