The Dreadnoughts were primed in black, and then base-coated in VMA burnt umber. I wanted to try out zenithal hightlights in color.

  • First hightlight layer was  GW Averland / .078
  • Second hightlight layer was  yriel

The one with averland looked better. Because Averland has a orange shade to it, wich made it look better, compared to the pure yellow of the VMA.

The burnt umber base color was too dark. It looks nice and all, but it is too dark as a shadow color for yellow alone. Need to mix it with yellow next time.

Paint was very thin, and was runny. And it splattered a lot, because it was too thick. It sucked, because I was not able to find the right consistency. I need to use shot cups for mixing.


  • Gunmetal grey / leadbelcher for metal parts
  • VMA anrazit for blacks
  • screaming skull for lascanon, scrolls.



The terminators were the first normal models that got zenithal hightlights in color. I tried out different colors.

  • Layer Vallejo Surface Primer Light Gray
  • Next, a colored layer of Vallejo Surface Primer- I added blues, violets, yellows and brown.
  • then combinations of VMA Burnt Umber, Averland Sunset, 078, and oranges added from on bottom
  • VMA  Averland Sunset, 078, from 45° top
  • yriel from above.

The  colored primer did not show thru. it was basicly nullified / voided by the base color. next time: Add brown to second layer of primer for a shortcut.

Well … The ones with burnt umber as base looked the best. The ones with reds/oranges looked the worst, because they are missing contrast. They look ok, of course, but compared to the brown ones they suck.

It worked out well enough for a first try-out. but i will focus on burnt umber + yellow as a base coat next, because it looks best.


The landraider came out exceptionally nice.

Paints used (in this order):

  • Vallejo Surface Primer Light Gray
  • VMA Burnt Umber on bottom
  • VMA Burnt Umber preshade in recesses and engine-block  (thinned, 12-15psi, no cap)
  • VMA 71.078 medium yellow + bright orange f (thinned, 12-15psi, no cap), several layers.
  • VMA 71.078 medium yellow + VMA Burnt Umber  in recesses + on visible bottom, because burnt umber was loosing color.
  • GW yriel yellow thinned from above. Cleanups on flat panels.
  • Paints mixed from above + VMA Burnt Umber  in recesses  + on visible bottom again, to give definition and dirty look.