Yesterday, I got my Mortal Kombat Board in. It was sold as „No Sound“.

Quick Inspection of the board revealed no damage, – the board was actually in a very good shape. But one repair was already present – a long yellow wire is running across the whole board, probably joining grounds. But the sound pot looks of very bad quality DIY job. At least it was there.

The game booted up fine, passed all checks, but except a short boot-up-Chime ( „Dooooong!“ ) there was no sound at all, just humming. Otherwise, the game just worked fine.

I quicky found a broken pin, hidden beneath the Sound-Pot. That pin should be grounded, so it is not connected anyway, and could not be the fault. And the pot looked to work too, since increasing it increased the volume of the humming.



Then I found a row of bent pins. And bending them back to normal shape, but what was it for? Thinking for a while, I finally used the cable that hung from the main pcb to connect the sound board to the main PCB. It was just a lucky guess. Can’t be, that that was the problem …




But, that was it – I got sound working again. Everything back to normal! Funny! I doubt I will encounter a just as easy repair ever again.

What a nice deal: Sold as broken, actually working just as expected if connected correctly.




Now in need of a kick harness.