As long as I can remember, there are a set of „rules“ we learn since we all were little kids.

Gathering info around me, I can resume them as the list below => French diet:

  • The Meal template includes two servings of non-starchy vegetables, often raw (opening and concluding the main meal… Even in cafeterias)
  • Every meal contains desert, a fruit or a yogurt (except for holiday meals)
  • Dishes served in courses, rather than all at once
  • Almost no industrially processed foods as daily fare (including cafeteria meals and quick lunch foods)
  • High rate of home food prep => this one is huge, we do not eat out that often or hardly order delivery
  • You don’t have to get the feeling of fullness to stop eating
  • No coke or artificially sweetened beverages at meals! Water plus wine sometimes for adults
  • Small plates
  • Slow eating, around a table (Meals, including lunch last 1 hour even when you are working)
  • The Dinner lighter than your lunch, your breakfast is not a huge feast aswell
  • Strong cultural stigma against combining starches in same meal (like pasta and potatoes, or rice and bread)
  • The fresh products are in season
  • Eating is very social, almost every family eat alltogether around a table
  • Low meat consumption
  • Guilt-free acknowledgement that fat=flavor
  • We eat in small portions
  • We have a high social stigma for taking seconds, except holiday meals
  • The variety of food is large (even school cafeteria meals include weird stuff)
  • No food exclusions, everything can be enjoyed… but in moderation!
  • General understanding that excess = bad news.
  • Taking a walk after a meal with your family is very common (we call it „promenade digestive“ literally „digestive stroll“)

I am French and I noticed that people are wondering how we do not gain weight while eating bread and stuff. from loseit