This game was sold as working. This is the Original Screenshot I got with it. Pretty sure I saw it working at home too, thou I can not remember exactly.

Since I just got flawed cps1-motherboards at that time I tested it the first time, I replaced that with a known good, working one. Result: Final Fight does not boot. I was unable to get it booting, displays scrambled graphics instead of booting up.

Will have to reseat all roms first.



Roms reseated.

Rom 37 at pos 31 becomes really hot. why? I got no idea.
I see no fault.  Rom reads correctly in my universal programmer. it got 4.8 voltage.



broken trace found on C-Board. fuck. why didn’t I saw that earlier. Edit: M7aybe it is not broken. Kinda works.


Rom 37 becomes hot at Pos30 too. hotter than other chips.


replaced rom 36 and 37 with new eproms.
Same issue. waiting if it still gets hot.  37 becomes hot again.


swapping CPS-B-04 with CPS-B-21. no real change. except pattern in the error.
switching back – pattern still different to before the switch.

Now back to normal.


DJ0, Dj1, PJ0, PJ1 seems to be dead. 4 out of 8 jumpers. What does that mean?

These jumpers (JP0 – JP1 and DJ0 – DJ1) allow you to change the EPROMs in sockets 28 – 31 and 33 – 36 from the JEDEC to non-JEDEC pinouts.