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7 bolter, flamer, missile. Trimming and cleaning (day 0) pinning and custom shoulder pads (day 1) priming, averland spray, reikland flesh (day 2) cleanup with averland + brown. two layers of yriel (day 3) 2 layers of flash gitz (day 4) dark- and lightgray details, logos, ...Read More

Ok, guys, I want to tell you about my yellow'ish adventures. Preface: I don't know how to paint. And, I want to have an Imperial Fists Space Marine Army. And I want to be efficient. So I wanted to figure out, what painting ...Read More

8 Bolter Marines Preparation 3h (day0) Stuck down, Primed, 2x Base Averland, 1x Reikland (Day1, 3h) Cleanup Averland, first yriel layer (day2, 2,5h) Second layer Yriel Stormgray recesses, cables, icon plates  (day3, 2,5h) nuln oil stormgray recesses gehenna gold skulls shoulder trims (day 5) eagle mephisto red + wash purity ...Read More

Base coats of lead belcher and warlock bronze followed by a wash of nuln oil. Then edge highlight/ spot hit with typhus corrosion. Go over the whole thing with a wash of agrax earthshade. Dry brush with mournfang brown and ...Read More

Chaos Black primer Black Base The Fang + Black Drybrush The Fang Drybrush The Fang + Sotek Green Drybrush Sotek Green Drybrush  (tag 1 - 3 hours / 8) Sotek Green Highlights Sotek Green + Changeling Pink Highlights (tag 2 - 3 hours / 8) xerius purple kämme (tag ...Read More

I've completed the new 10 Tacticals.  I dont't like their yellow: It was done with Lamenters Glaze on Zandiri Dust. I like their heavy weapons, the look great!  Purity Seals partly broke because they had too long overhangs. Too low ...Read More

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Newest receipe: Prime Black, highlight white 2x averland thin 1x reikland fleshshade Cleanup with averland highlight glaze yriel second highlight yriel edge flash glitz extreme bone     Black/White 2x Averland base reikland fleshshade Drybrush Yiriel = looks ok on white, looks too trashy on black     new receipe: white averland base Reikland fleshshade 2x yriel highlight flash glitz highlight screaming skull   look good!       glaze-rezept zandsiri ...Read More ***** Hey dude, i've found an easy enough step by step way of doing it Base coat with Chaos black Base yellow with Averland sunset (2-3 thin layers) Wash with Reikland Fleshshade Drybrush with Yriel Yellow Fine detail wash with Reikland ...Read More