They look quite sick. Added Imperial-Fist Insignia and 3 Green-Stuff-Flags. Short on three Bolter-Terminators to make 3 full equipped squads. I wanted to try paint mixed in with the primer. But a) color turned very light and bright, not useable for ...Read More

This is how I got them, painted 2nd edition Terminators:   They are all stripped now, and freshly re-glued now. 2 Squads are already based on new 40mm bases, with dirt added.             Read More

15 remaining devastators / sergeants.   Recipe: Yellow/flashGitz/brown just like the Terminators. Don't remember exactly. I like their flash gitz yellow. Blocking out blacks, metals and grays with VMA Atrazit grey.   20.5. 2017 Skull white for emblems, scrolls, skirts, faces, skulls. mephistoian red for eagles, purity seals.   1.6. ...Read More

Done yesterday, done quick. Took me 6 hours, from stripping the old paint to the finishing touches.   I wish the pigments stayed onto the miniature, to have a more dusty/dirty appearance. Nevertheless, I am quite proud about it - it ...Read More

Testinators: Base Averland, Yriel, White, Flash Gitz, Klarlack Postshading: Averland, Reikland - just like the marines. Hightlights: Dorn Yellow.   Heavy Bolter: Mephisto Red, Agrax, Mephisto, Evil Scuns Highlights VMC Boltgun grey Stegganon Scale Green for Ammo. Balathasar Gold, VMC Old Gold   Terminator 2, 3, + Captain: Yellow, + white, +transparent yellow. Gloss. Heavy ...Read More

Imperial Fists  Undercoat Skull White Yellow Areas  Airbrush 50/50 mix Tamiya Flat Red/Yellow  Airbrush 25/75 mix Tamiya Flat Red/Yellow  Airbrush Tamiya Flat Yellow  Airbrush 75/25 mix Tamiya Flat Yellow/Flat White  Airbrush Tamiya Clear Yellow  Wash with a mix of Humbrol Clear, ...Read More

Merken: Brauche Notiz-Block bei Airbrush-Zeug, sonst vergesse ich das alles. Ist ja schon schwer genug, es sich über eine Session zu merken, welcher Farbtopf benutzt wurde.     Airbrush (einstimmige Meinung: Sind zu gelb, die gepinselten sehen besser aus.) VGC Air Yellow Steel Legion Drab Yriel Yellow (flash ...Read More

... as preparation to weather 3 landraiders.   options: Vallejo rust texture / Rust GW Typhus corrosion Vallejo Maroon Burnt Umber Pigments Soot Pigments Black/Brown Rust, chipped paint     ---- update 31.1.: it is now rusty. and muddy. looks like shit. I like. Read More

Gladius / Sternhammer Strike Force. On Battlemat.               Landraider Spearhead WIP               First Company Task Force WIP             Battle Demi Company Read More

I have started to paint the whole game, and all its expension packs. 50, 60 or so miniatures. Undead already finished.   1 Weeks into the process: I should not based all the orks and goblins green. This makes it very hard to ...Read More