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my Scaler displays a lot of noise. Given Solution is in the Thread: Read More

Use that Film for Color Stills:   5218 - vision 2 5219 - vision 3 5230 - mix between them, for TV-shows   Bought: 5x 500T, 5219 1x 50D   Tuts: Read More CMVS1: CMVS2:     <miisalo> B <miisalo> 1B <miisalo> 1FZ and 1A are too big <miisalo> And even 1B is a helluva job to fit in with all the wires and stuff <miisalo> <Lachlan> ill vouch for the jnx guide, helped me a ton for my 1FS <miisalo> Neogeo ...Read More

for JAMMA extenders I used 24/0.2 for everything as it was easier but you want to make it a bit cheaper use 24/0.2 for power and 16/0.2 for eveything else   I used to use one for each pad on extenders but ...Read More

Mirror / Backup Copy from This article has not been written by me, but worked very well :-D   ........ QNAP TS-212 How to rebuild RAID manually from telnet Filed under: Post — Tags: Disk, NAS, QNAP, RAID, Rebuild, Replace, TS-212 — Ing. Lele @ 01:49 Scenario ...Read More

Created a battery adapter from an empty  cheap film can, a battery clip and two paperclips. It was very easy to build, but a it tricky to keep the wires inside the can. First tests were very succesfull, and the cam operates faster than ...Read More

[02:03] <Oliveira> neogeo use a 16 bit rom as boot memory [02:03] <Oliveira> the correct part is 27C1024 [02:03] <Oliveira> (40 pins) [02:03] <Oliveira> 120ns [02:04] <Oliveira> or faster Read More

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Since the joystick I want to use does no fit on the mount of my 1L6B panel, I had to modify the mounting plate. Glad I got a p1 harness mit JVS joystick mount lying around. was perfect for that joystick! The ...Read More