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Film Back 1: The one I got with the camera. Massive lightleaks on this.   Film Back 2, A12 Black Lighttight. Works very well.   Filmback 3, 12, Chrome Gap between Frame1 and Frame2 was very small.. Second usage: Once again, Gap between Frame1 and Frame 2 too ...Read More

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My wireless network Bridge is quite slow. I use it to connect my working room to my main wifi. the working room's pc got no wireless card on its own, thats why I use a bridge. ... sounds stupid. I should ...Read More

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I got a version of ths game for Xbox 360, but I never actually played it. Same goes for the pcb: I got it, just checked it running. Thats my experience with Daifukkatsu so far. Can not coment on this one ...Read More

The picture is a perfect match. We could not look at that game. it was so real, and unexpected. so much gore. if a game was allowed to do all that, why are not all doing it? it was everywhere.  Read More

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This is just a personal reminder, to help me save money.  Rules of Acquisition Answer this questions prior purchase:   How long did I want to have that item? How long will I use that item? Is there a cheaper alternative? Are you getting it cheap? Is it ...Read More